• every purchase helps someone heal

    OM APOTHECARY is the first social enterprise within INDIGO INTERNATIONAL. A social enterprise is a business designed to give back to the community, while focusing on cultivating well-being and making a positive social impact. Often people do not invest fully in holistic healthcare because the cost and location is out of reach. 100% of our profits support free and sliding scale energy healing & hypnosis tele-health clinics and online training for people in need. We envision a future where everyone has access to holistic healthcare!

  • crystal education

    We are committed to helping you to deepen your understanding of the healing properties of your crystals.

    • All crystals include in depth instructions to help you to understand how to tap into the healing properties of each crystal.
    • Learn about the physical, mental & emotional healing properties of crystals that you are drawn to work with.
    • Browse our site and learn more about the healing properties of crystals you have in your own collection.
  • ethically mined & 100% women operated.

    We source ethically mined crystals from a beautiful heart-centered women-led business in southern California for healing practitioners. We work with an all women owned and operated crystal guardian business. They source high vibrational crystals through established relationships with other crystal guardians all over the world. It is an honor to work with people who treat the crystals and the people who source them - with the reverence and respect they deserve. This also ensures that we always have the highest quality stones because there are a network of people who care and help the crystals as they are transported from their home inside of the Earth to their home with you. Learn more about our team. 

zero waste pledge

OM Apothecary is dedicated to creating ZERO WASTE through our business operations. We encourage you to wash & reuse the epsom salt glass jar that comes with all orders. It is foodsafe and it perfect to keep small amounts of herbs or crystals. Please recycle all packaging. 

The five R's of ZERO WASTE are Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot. 

  • We refuse to purchase any plastic packaging, the plastic bubblewrap we ship our crystals in is reused from our crystal warehouse. 
  • We reduce the spread of toxic chemicals by sourcing organic for our essential oils. 
  • We recycle all that we can, look for an upcycled altar section on our website soon! 
  • We rot by currently developing a compost plan for our offices.