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Purification: Indigo Lotus Salts

Purification: Indigo Lotus Salts

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As we purify our mind we experience life with new eyes. This provides solutions where we could not see them and serves our ascension into the New Earth.

These salts are designed to support you in refreshing your Vishuddha, your throat chakra. This is a 6 oz food-safe reusable glass jar filled with epsom salts with organic tea tree & cypress essential oils.

Included in this purchase is:

  • One eco-friendly Jute Drawstring Bag. Jute is a plant similar to bamboo, it grows fast and is very sustainable. It has a high fiber strength and a silky shine. It is 100% bio-degradable & recyclable. 
  • Indigo Lotus Healing Epsom salts in a reusable foodsafe glass jar.
  • Instructional card with the healing properties of the salt & essential oils.

Cypress essential oil flushes toxins from your body, soothes your nervous system, relieves anxiety & is healing for your respiratory system. It is energizing and is antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial. It heals infections and skin conditions including acne. It is healing for muscle cramps, muscle pulls, RLS and carpal tunnel. It increases blood circulation and eases chronic pain.

Tea tree is antibacterial, anti-fungal and antimicrobial. Tea Tree protects you by fighting off bacteria, fungus and disease. It simultaneously clears energy blockages and leaves you feeling refreshed.

Epsom salts are Mother Earth’s detoxification medicine. Epsom salts flush toxins, improve absorption of nutrients, ease stress, reduce inflammation, improve sleep and concentration, help muscles and nerves function properly, improve the body’s processing of oxygen and regulate the activity of more than 325 enzymes. 

Our shipping process is sacred. High vibrational frequencies surround our shipping area, and we invoke the highest love and light to facilitate the anointing. Each jar of salt is charged with light and wrapped with love before it begins it’s journey to you.

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