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Violet Flame Guided Meditation & Creative Visualization Healing MP3 Program

Violet Flame Guided Meditation & Creative Visualization Healing MP3 Program

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This healing MP3 program has three tracks:

Introduction to Violet Flame 8:29

Violet Flame Guided Meditation & Creative Visualization 28:01

Violet Flame Cord Cutting 33:10

It includes the MP3 downloads and access to the Violet Flame Healing Portal, where you can stream the healing experiences and receive guidance for a 40-day application of this healing practice.


The Violet Flame emanates from the divine white light at the center of all of Creation. It brings healing to physical and emotional problems, to relationships, heals trauma and wounds from deep into your soul’s past and helps your heart to open & feel the fullness of love present in every moment at the center of all of existence.

The Violet Flame has been called ‘the highest gift of God to the Universe’. It assists you in transmuting the negative from the past into a positive so that your memories dwell on the love and lessons learned. Working with the Violet Flame raises your vibration through purifying, and detoxifing your energy field with light. As you visualize the Violet Flame cleansing you, you initiate healing in every cell of your body.

Our mind exists within our cells, as you immerse yourself in the cleansing light of the Violet Flame, you raise the vibration of every cell within your body. Over time, this process brings greater mental clarity, energy, physical and mental healing and ease in communicating through your highest self with truth and love. Meditate with the Violet Flame every day for 40 days to experience the full healing effects of this transformative practice!


Introduction to Violet Flame is a 8 minute thorough audio introduction to the Violet Flame. Listen to it below! This multidimensional energy healing program was written & narrated by Aimee Rebekah Shea produced by Indigo International.


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