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Tangerine Quartz Crystal Healing Set for Self-Healing, Creativity & Fertility

Tangerine Quartz Crystal Healing Set for Self-Healing, Creativity & Fertility

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This is a stunning Tangerine Quartz healing set. The larger piece has one entire face of the crystal that is self-healed and dozens of recordkeeper formations. The orange color of Tangerine Quartz is a result of iron inclusions in the quartz. Tangerine Quartz activates your creativity and sexuality. It is a tool that supports joyful creative expression of your passion. 

This powerful crystal healing set includes the two crystals pictured, each one measures about 1 3/4 inch by 3/4 inches and together they weigh 60 grams.

Included in this purchase is:

  • The exact 2 Tangerine Quartz Crystals pictured
  • One eco-friendly Jute Drawstring Bag. Jute is a plant similar to bamboo, it grows fast and is very sustainable. It has a high fiber strength and a silky shine. It is 100% bio-degradable & recyclable. 
  • Indigo Lotus Healing Epsom salts in a reusable foodsafe glass jar.
  • Instructional cards with the specific physical, mental, emotional & spiritual properties of the crystal(s).

Mental/Emotional: Tangerine Quartz inspires joy and creativity. It dispels fear and helps to inspire curiosity to heal and grow. Can be used to help overcome seemingly insurmountable limitations. It is a tool for creative problem solving.

Physical: Tangerine Quartz is excellent to use to activate sexual desire and stimulates fertility. A tool for healing from sexual abuse or trauma. Facilitates healthy relationship with sexual expression.

Spiritual: Meditation with Tangerine Quartz can help you to ground deeply into the passion you feel for your heart's deepest desires. It activates your Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus.

Self-healed crystals are masters in assisting with self healing, and are excellent to aid the healing of broken bones. They highlight issues you may need to work on in order to heal yourself. Self-healed crystals as especially powerful in healing the emotional body, and they bring an awareness of and help to heal from past life trauma.

The Record Keeper is one of the most sacred crystals that could ever be witnessed or worked with. Eons of wisdom can be stored within such crystal, and when properly attuned to, can reveal ancient knowledge and profound secrets of the universe. A recordkeeper crystal is one that has been programmed energetically with divine knowledge from the past. Recordkeepers all have a sacred symbol, most often a triangle engraved on the face of the crystal. These triangles can be difficult to see and may appear and disappear. You have to look for them carefully by examining the faces. The wisdom comes through differently from each type of recordkeeping formation. The triangle is the first symbol of the holy trinity. It represents the perfect balance achieved when the physical, mental and emotional aspects of our being are aligned with a point of spiritual light at the top. The recordkeeping triangles serve as the eye of the crystal and as a doorway into powerful wisdom. This symbol on the recordkeeper crystal indicates vast resources beneath its surface that are capable of being psychically retrieved.


"These crystals have been consciously and purposely programmed by either the over soul beings who created the vibrational frequencies that would allow human life to evolve on earth, or by their direct lineage – the Atlantians and the Lemurians. These were the pure races that first inhabited our earth. This advanced race of beings came from far beyond our solar system, and as they traveled and evolved, they stored within their memory patterns all of the lessons and experiences from worlds and universes beyond. When they came to our earth they seeded the first root race, which has now come of age and is reaching the crest of evolution when this invaluable knowledge can be received.

These enlightened beings wished to preserve the secrets of the universe so that when the human soul become ready it could inherit a fortune of cosmic knowledge. Special crystals were chosen. These were programmed with galaxies of information and placed deep within the earth. At the exact right time they would come to the surface of the planet to be used by the exact right person.

The purpose of accessing information from Record-Keeper Crystals is two-fold. First, to satisfy the thirst that each soul has for the truth and for knowledge concerning the origin of the human race and the origin of the human soul. Secondly, as individuals come to know this truth within themselves and feel connected to their source, planetary humanitarian goals can be met as each person becomes a healing agent to the earth.'

Katrina Raphael

Anointing Oil

Each of our crystals is anointed with our organic therapeutic grade essential oils when you purchase it. The essential oils align the energy of the crystal with a special and sacred intention. When you purchase this crystal, please indicate your anointing choice. You can also opt-out of the anointing if you prefer no oil. Here are the choices available:

Clary Sage - Clarity of Mind
Sandalwood - Realize Unity
Lemongrass - Purification
Cypress - Transcendent Acceptance

About Our Crystals
Our crystals are high vibrational crystals sourced with love and hand-picked for the healing arts practitioner. Each crystal is of the highest gemstone quality, specifically, we only source crystals of the highest clarity, rarity, freedom of defects with great attention to valuable healing properties and beauty of the stone. 

All crystals are kept in a highly vibrating space. All of our crystals are continuously cleared; we work with them so that they are at their highest vibration when you receive them. Our lives are dedicated to bringing an awareness of crystal healing to the planet. Every crystal that we ship to you is a part of our fulfillment of this mission. 

Our shipping process is sacred. High vibrational frequencies surround our shipping area, and we invoke the highest love and light to facilitate the anointing. Each crystal is anointed individually, charged with light and wrapped with love before it begins it’s journey to you.

We have shipped hundreds of crystals since 2011. We have never had a request to return a crystal once it was shipped. Every crystal that we have is even more beautiful in person than we can capture in a photograph. However, if for any reason you are not in love with your crystals, you can return them for free.

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