Intuitive Crystal Reading

Intuitive Crystal Reading

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Do you want a resource that is made specifically for your crystal that will help you to use it for healing?

This option is for an intuitive reading to help you to work with the crystal and align with it's highest potential.

The Intuitive Reading Process: Meet Our Healer

I am Aimee Rebekah Shea, I write all of our crystal descriptions and I am a holistic therapist and crystal medium. Crystals communicate vibrationally. The crystals have their own unique healing properties and there is also an energetic wisdom present in their crystalline structure. It is my live's work to communicate the crystalline wisdom of the crystals, and this reading is a tool to help share with you what I know and can hear about the healing potential of the crystal you have chosen.

sit with the crystals to deliver a message from the crystal for you aligned with your specific role with this special stone during this important time. I work with Archangels, angels, ascended masters and lightbeings including the Pleiadians as well as the crystal devas to bring forth the wisdom that this crystal holds for you. I create an audio recording of the reading on MP3, and it is delivered to you digitally when your crystal is shipped out.