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Healing Retreat Gift

Healing Retreat Gift

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This small gift is because we are grateful that you were present at a retreat with us. Our retreats are sacred containers of light and the energy we exchange within them is medicine for our souls. May this small gift remind you of this time in your life and may the insight and wisdom continue to unfold in your life as you honor your truth in the weeks and months to come.

Place these healing gifts on your altar when you receive them to connect energetically across time and space with the wisdom and healing activated during the attunement(s) that you received at this retreat.

*Please note the image shown here is just a placeholder. We will be uploading an image by 3.13 that is an example of what you will receive. Every retreat is different and each person will receive a unique crystal. The crystal in your Retreat Healing Gift was intuitively selected for you by the leader of your retreat.

*Color & size of jute bag varies greatly.

Included in this gift is:

  • An intuitively selected crystal.
  • One eco-friendly Jute Drawstring Bag. Jute is a plant similar to bamboo, it grows fast and is very sustainable. It has a high fiber strength and a silky shine. It is 100% bio-degradable & recyclable. 
  • Indigo Lotus Crystal Healing Epsom Salt Set. Each set includes a crystal, epsom salts and organic essential oils in a reusable foodsafe glass jar.
  • Instructional cards with the specific physical, mental, emotional & spiritual properties of the crystal(s).
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