Collection: Muladhara - Root Chakra Crystals

Muladhara is a Sanskrit word that literally translates into 'root support'. 

The Muladhara is the first of the major chakras that reside in the body. It holds the foundation of power that is the basis for the manifestation of your needs. It radiates a vibrant ruby red color. This color has the longest wavelength and the slowest vibration of all colors in the physical spectrum. It is this energy that grounds you in the world, that helps you to get your work done on a physical level and to take care of your material needs. It governs your focus and ability to accomplish your goals. Your Muladhara is the root of your health, your connection to prosperity and your ability to hold a presence on earth. Your Muladhara is located in your lower hips, pelvis and urinary tract. All of the crystals in this section support optimal energetic flow within your Muladhara.