Quartz Channeling Point with Iron Inclusions w/ Optional Intuitive Reading
Quartz Channeling Point with Iron Inclusions w/ Optional Intuitive Reading
Quartz Channeling Point with Iron Inclusions w/ Optional Intuitive Reading

Quartz Channeling Point with Iron Inclusions w/ Optional Intuitive Reading

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This magical quartz channeling point with iron, natural and rainbow inclusions is stunning; powerful, get so gentle. It comes with an optional personal intuitive reading to help you harness the medicine of the crystal. It measures 1 1/2 inches tall x 1 inch wide and weighs 34 grams.

"The Japanese called clear quartz, 'the perfect jewel' and viewed it as a symbol of infinite space, purity, perseverance and patience." Robert Simmons 

High quality quartz have high recorded frequencies, this means they can raise the frequency of any area of the body they come into contact with.  Quartz has a stable and precise ultrasonic frequency. When you bring the quartz to any mass with a lower frequency, it lowers the resonant frequency of the quartz, which then climbs back up as the mass is heated and breaks down. The properties of quartz’s frequency allow it to absorb, store, release, regulate and unblock energy.  

Iron is known as the Metal of Mars. It is aligned with the Planet Mars, the God of War and Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. It embues qualities of strength, honor, courage, sharpness (of body and mind), tenacity, and confidence.

Mental, Emotional: Quartz aids concentration and can improve memory.

Physical: Quartz stimulates the immune system and can bring the body into balance. 

Spiritual: Quartz has been proven to double your biomagnetic field when held in your hand. The mineral quartz contains all colors and has the capacity to raise the energy level of the individual working with it to the highest possible.  Working with quartz in meditation can enhance psychic abilities and can help attune you to your spiritual purpose.  It raises your vibration to it’s highest place, bringing higher perspectives.  

“Clear quartz crystals prove that the material plane can and does reach a state of physical perfection capable of containing and reflecting pure white light.  Clear quartz crystals are a symbol of coming into alignment with cosmic harmony. They demonstrate that purity and unity in every molecule of their being. Clear quartz radiates with divine white light and by seeing, feeling, or using quartz one can actually work with that light in a physical way.” Katrina Raphaell

Natural inclusions found within quartz have absorbed learning from this planet over long periods of time, these healing memories can be accessed thought meditating with the crystal.  It helps in meditation to put the past into perspective and points the way towards growth and evolution, it is helpful in seeing the deeper meaning behind any life situation. Multiple inclusions are found in this crystal, just turn in the light to explore it’s multidimensionality.  Each inclusion can be worked with individually to explore it’s message.

Rainbow Inclusions found within quartz crystals stimulates and awareness of universal love, draws off negativity and disperses healing energy to the individual working with it and to the environment it is kept in.  Multiple rainbow inclusions are found in this crystal, just turn in the light to explore it’s multidimensionality.

A channeling crystal has a seven-sided facet at the front of the termination and a three-sided face at the back.  This structure helps to channel healing energy or information from higher sources.  To channel can also be described as to direct. This means that when the crystal has formed in this way, it increases the ability for the stone to direct healing energy or information from the divine.  This is an excellent stone to use in meditation. This stone can be used for trance channeling with professional guidance. 

Optional Intuitive Reading: For select crystals, we offer an opportunity to receive an intuitive reading to help you to work with the crystal and align with it's highest potential.

The Intuitive Reading Process: Meet Our Healer

I am Aimee Rebekah Shea, I write all of our crystal descriptions and I am a holistic therapist and crystal medium. Certain crystals speak out and have so much wisdom bursting forth from them I cannot help but be part of that expression! This crystal was chosen for a reason because it has something to say. I sit with the crystals to deliver a message from the crystal for you aligned with your specific role with this special stone during this important time. I work with Archangels, angels, ascended masters and lightbeings including the Pleiadians as well as the crystal devas to bring forth the wisdom that this crystal holds for you. Once you purchase this option, you will receive an email to ask what type of reading you would like. You can choose from a reading to be typed and printed out for you or you can choose to have an audio recording of the reading on MP3.


Each of our crystals is anointed with our organic therapeutic grade essential oils when you purchase it. The essential oils align the energy of the crystal with a special and sacred intention. When you purchase this crystal, please indicate your anointing choice. Here are the choices available:

Clary Sage - Clarity of Mind
Sandalwood - Realize Unity
Lemongrass - Purification
Cypress - Transcendent Acceptance

About Our Crystals
Our crystals are high vibrational crystals sourced with love and hand-picked for the healing arts practitioner. Each crystal is of the highest gemstone quality, specifically, we only source crystals of the highest clarity, rarity, freedom of defects with great attention to valuable healing properties and beauty of the stone. 

All crystals are kept in a highly vibrating space in Dartmouth, Massachusetts a small coastal town in southern New England. All of our crystals are continuously cleared; we work with them so that they are at their highest vibration when you receive them. Our lives are dedicated to bringing an awareness of crystal healing to the planet. Every crystal that we ship to you is a part of our fulfillment of this mission. 

Our shipping process is sacred. Candles surround our shipping area, and we invoke the highest love and light to facilitate the anointing. Each crystal is anointed individually, charged with Reiki energy and wrapped with love before it begins it’s journey to you.

Included in every order are beautiful drawstring hemp medicine bags for your crystal, a sample of our Indigo Lotus Salts, and cards with the specific properties of each crystal.

We have shipped hundreds of crystals since 2011. We have never had a request to return a crystal once it was shipped. Every crystal that we have is even more beautiful in person than we can capture in a photograph. However, if for any reason you are not in love with your crystals, you can return them for free.

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Quartz Channeling Point with Iron Inclusions w/ Optional Intuitive Reading