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Isis Enhydro Tibetan Quartz Crystal w/ Crystal Guidebook and Optional Intuitive Reading


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This Isis Enhydro Tibetan Quartz Crystal comes with a crystal guidebook and an optional personal intuitive reading to help you harness the medicine of the crystal. It measures 1/3/4 inches by 3/4 inch and weighs 29 grams.

This magical Isis Enhydro Tibetan Quartz crystal has stunning record keeping, rainbow, and phantom inclusions! Even more amazing once in your hands 🙂 Tibetan Quartz is a unique variety of quartz comprised of mostly double terminating points. Tibetan quartz has a stable and precise frequency, it can raise the frequency of any area of the body it comes into contact with. When you bring the quartz to any mass with a lower frequency, it lowers the resonant frequency of the quartz, which then climbs back up as the mass is heated and breaks down. These properties allow it to absorb, store, release, regulate and unblock energy.

Mentally/Emotionally: Tibetan Quartz aids in releasing attachment to toxic emotional patterns and ways of thinking. It brings a higher perspective to any problem. They assist in practicing non-attachment and non-resistance. They can help to cultivate a non-violent mindset and community space.
Physically: Aids in strengthening and repairing the nervous system and immune system.

Spiritually: Working with Tibetan quartz clears and strengthens all of your chakra centers. Used in meditation, these crystals carry an ‘OM’ vibration. They emanate an energy that brings about a rapid elevation in consciousness, while at the same time holding a grounding energy that helps you ground into Mother Earth. Their peaceful energy is powerful to experience. Tibetan Quartz can be used with great results in energy healing and chakra clearing and balancing practices to clear stagnant energy from the aura and cleanse and purify the etheric field. Tibetan Quartz is a powerful ally when working to clear karmic issues from the past and with healing modalities such as past life regression or soul retrieval.

Isis Quartz helps you connect to your Highest Self and Divine Mind. They resonate with the frequency of Isis and Mother Mary. The five sided face holds the powers of the five elements; earth, fire, water, wind and space. Isis quartz is gentle yet powerful, holding a very nurturing energy. Natural Inclusions found within quartz have absorbed learning from this planet over long periods of time, these healing memories can be accessed thought meditating with the crystal. It helps in meditation to put the past into perspective and points the way towards growth and evolution, it is helpful in seeing the deeper meaning behind any life situation.

Rainbow Inclusions found within quartz crystals stimulates and awareness of universal love, draws off negativity and disperses healing energy to the individual working with it and to the environment it is kept in. Multiple inclusions are found in this crystal, just turn in the light to explore it’s multidimensionality. Each inclusion can be worked with individually to explore it’s message.

Phantom Inclusions symbolize universal awareness and look like ghostlike inclusions within the body of the larger crystal. Phantom inclusions have absorbed learning from this planet over long periods of time, these healing memories can be accessed thought meditating with the crystal. It helps in meditation to put the past into perspective and points the way towards growth and evolution, it is helpful in seeing the deeper meaning behind any life situation. Many people use phantom quartz crystals to connect to a spiritual guide, move into past lives for healing past experiences.

Record Keeper Crystals: ‘The Record Keeper is one of the most sacred crystals that could ever be witnessed or worked with. Eons of wisdom can be stored within such crystal, and when properly attuned to, can reveal ancient knowledge and profound secrets of the universe. These crystals have been consciously and purposely programmed by either the over soul beings who created the vibrational frequencies that would allow human life to evolve on earth, or by their direct lineage – the Atlantians and the Lemurians. These were the pure races that first inhabited our earth. This advanced race of beings came from far beyond our solar system, and as they traveled and evolved, they stored within their memory patterns all of the lessons and experiences from worlds and universes beyond. When they came to our earth they seeded the first root race, which has now come of age and is reaching the crest of evolution when this invaluable knowledge can be received These enlightened beings wished to preserve the secrets of the universe so that when the human soul become ready it could inherit a fortune of cosmic knowledge. Special crystals were chosen. These were programmed with galaxies of information and placed deep within the earth. At the exact right time they would come to the surface of the planet to be used by the exact right person. It is also believed that some of the Record Keeper Crystals simply materialize out of thin air when the time has come to share their stories. When this information is tapped into, worlds of experience and learning can be embraced by the human soul. The purpose of accessing information from Record-Keeper Crystals is two-fold. First, to satisfy the thirst that each soul has for the truth and for knowledge concerning the origin of the human race and the origin of the human soul. Secondly, as individuals come to know this truth within themselves and feel connected to their source, planetary humanitarian goals can be met as each person becomes a healing agent to the earth.’ Katrina Raphaell

Enhydro crystals bring healing to your emotional body. They inspire creative solutions in relationships and reduce stress. An enhydro crystal is a powerful tool to work with for manifesting through emotion. With focused attention, this crystal can help to raise your vibration into full alignment with that which you are desiring.

Tibetan Quartz Crystalline Wisdom Guidebook: Learn about the history, metaphysical and healing properties of Tibetan Quartz. Open to understanding the connection between Tibetan Quartz and the Crystalline Grid. Get inspired with daily practices to deepen your connection with your Tibetan Quartz crystals and all crystals in this practical 25 page handmade guidebook. (not pictured)


Each of our crystals is anointed with our Young Living, therapeutic grade essential oils when you purchase it. The essential oils align the energy of the crystal with a special and sacred intention. When you purchase this crystal, please indicate your anointing choice. Here is an overview of the choices available:

Clary Sage – Clarity of Mind
Sandalwood – Realize Unity
Lemongrass – Lighten and Purify
Cypress – Transcendent Acceptance

OPTIONAL Intuitive Reading

Not every crystal has an option of an intuitive reading. However, some crystals are so powerful, that it is our duty to share additional guidance about the purpose of this crystal for you, if you desire it. This special crystal also comes with an optional personal intuitive reading by holistic therapist & spiritual teacher Aimee Rebekah Shea. This reading includes a message from the crystal for you aligned with your specific role with this special stone during this important time. Wisdom from your archangels, angels, ascended masters and lightbeings including the Pleiadians as well as the crystal devas comes through in this transformative intuitive reading to bring forth the wisdom that this crystal holds for you. You choose between an email reading or voice reading. The reading is about 5-6 pages or 60 minutes. Once you purchase this option, you will receive an email within 24 hours to ask what type of reading you would like. You can choose from a reading to be typed and printed out for you or you can choose to have an audio recording of the reading on MP3.

About Our Crystals

Each of our crystals are highly vibrating, healing tools. All crystals are kept in our seaside sanctuary in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, a small coastal town in southern New England. All of our crystals are continuously cleared while they await their next home. When you place your order your crystal enters a salt bath for final cleansing and charging. It sits charging in the sun and moon light for 24-72 hours on a large slab of highly vibrating Kyanite. The shipping process is sacred. Candles surround our shipping area, and we invoke the highest love and light to facilitate the anointing. Each crystal is anointed individually, charged with Reiki energy and wrapped. Your crystal is then placed in a beautiful drawstring hemp medicine bag and charged with Reiki energy before it begins it’s journey to you. Along with your crystals, we always share with you a sample of of current Indigo Lotus Salts!

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