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Brazilian Chevron Amethyst Crystal Healing Set for for Inspiring Personal Excellence and Creative Problem Solving




This is a high vibrating Brazilian Chevron Amethyst Crystal Healing Set. This Brazilian Chevron Amethyst Crystal Healing Set includes the exact 2 gem quality crystals pictured. Each gemstone measures about 1 inch by 1 inch and together they weigh 27 grams.

Chevron Amethyst is a crystal that inspires personal excellence. The bands are comprised of white quartz and come together in a v-shape formation. By placing your attention on the solution to any seeming problem and meditating with this chevron amethyst point you can be shown perspectives that help you implement a solution with swift action. It assists you in integrating life’s lessons to help provide the building blocks for your future.

Mental, Emotional: Courage and inner strength. Helps to let go of resistance to self-love. A powerful crystal for decision-making.

‘With it’s bands and swirls, chevron amethyst can help you unravel the course of unresolved feelings and emotions. Gaze into the white bands, follow the lines of energy and allow them to guide you toward remembering why certain emotional patterns and blocks keep reoccurring in your life. Once you can see the pattern, uncover the course and embrace it, then you can heal it’ Margaret Ann Lembo

Physical: Chevron Amethyst helps to heal headaches, and can assist in ending unhealthy habits and addictions.

Spiritual: Chevron Amethyst helps you to connect to your highest self in all situations. It inspires the qualities of integrity in thought, speech and action and a humble nature. It assists in intuitive development and in helping to discern the messages coming forth in your dreams. It helps to open and awaken the third eye center.

Each of our crystals is anointed with our Young Living, therapeutic grade essential oils when you purchase it. The essential oils align the energy of the crystal with a special and sacred intention. When you purchase this crystal, please indicate your anointing choice. Here is an overview of the choices available:

Clary Sage – Clarity of Mind
Sandalwood – Realize Unity
Lemongrass – Purification
Cypress – Transcendent Acceptance

About Our Crystals
Crystals are sensitive gifts from the earth. They energetically absorb and amplify whatever is around them. For this reason, it is important that the crystals you buy come from an environment that respects that. We are sensitive with the care of all of our products, but specifically with our crystals. All crystals are kept in a highly vibrating space in Dartmouth, Massachusetts a small coastal town in southern New England. All of our crystals are continuously cleared; we work with them so that they are at their highest vibration when you receive them. Each crystal has been cared for as a member of our family. Our lives are dedicated to bringing an awareness of crystal healing to the planet and each and every crystal that we sell and ship to you is a part of our fulfillment of this mission. We promise that you are buying a crystal that has been cared for as it waited for it’s new home with you!

Our shipping process is sacred. Candles surround our shipping area, and we invoke the highest love and light to facilitate the anointing. Each crystal is anointed individually, charged with Reiki energy and wrapped with love. Your crystal is then placed in a beautiful drawstring hemp medicine bag with a sample of our Indigo Lotus Salts and charged with Reiki energy again before it begins it’s journey to you.

Free Shipping to USA & Canada with $33 Purchase
Free International Shipping with $122 Purchase
$5 Flat Rate Domestic and $12 Flat Rate International Shipping if you are under the Purchase Minimum
Free Returns

Additional information

Anointing Oil

Clary Sage, Sandalwood, Lemongrass, Cypress, No Anointing Oil


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