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Raw Green Calcite Warrior for Detoxifying and Soothing the Physical, Mental & Emotional Bodies
Raw Green Calcite Warrior for Detoxifying and Soothing the Physical, Mental & Emotional Bodies
Raw Green Calcite Warrior for Detoxifying and Soothing the Physical, Mental & Emotional Bodies

Raw Green Calcite Warrior for Detoxifying and Soothing the Physical, Mental & Emotional Bodies

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Calcite is an amplifier and cleanser of energy. Green Calcite is very physically and emotionally soothing. Ideal to clear and balance energy. This magical crystal  measures about 4 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches and weighs 78 grams.

Mental/Emotional: Green Calcite can assist in dissolving rigid beliefs and old programs and can restore balance to the mind. It is an excellent stone for academics or those who work with technology as it assists in letting go of old ways of viewing information and letting go of what is familiar and comfortable. Green calcite can also help lift depression and any imbalance stemming from anger.

Physical: It can gently aid in communication. It can help move lovingly from negative or outdated communication patterns to new positive ways of communicating. It is especially useful with helping children to communicate with love and respect. Green Calcite helps to stimulate and cleanse the immune system. Calcite can lift the energetic frequency of the body and can be used in this way to treat arthritis, ulcers, warts, heart disease and bacterial infections. Calcite has numerous uses as a neutralizer of acids. For hundreds of years calcite has been used as an acid-neutralizing soil treatment, as an acid neutralizer in the chemical industry and is also used in medicine. Mixed with sugar and flavoring, calcium carbonate is made into chewable tablets used in the neutralization of stomach acids. It is also an ingredient in numerous medications used to treat digestive and other ailments. Calcite in it’s raw form is not suitable for digestion, do not ingest calcite for any reason.

Spiritual: Aids in aligning the upper chakras and in bringing your mind into an open state for meditation work.

Environmental: Calcite is a beautiful addition to any room and can instantly shift energy; used in together with intentional placement and proper care calcite can cleanse negative energy from a room and brings higher earth frequencies into your space.

Double Refraction: A process by which a single ray of light entering a medium is split into two rays. This causes a split in the crystal, resulting in beautiful patterns and shifting the energetic frequency of the stone. Crystals that exhibit strong characteristics of the process of double refraction are excellent to use when analyzing or comparing. An excellent stone for seeing two sides of a situation or circumstance.


Each of our crystals is anointed with our organic therapeutic grade essential oils when you purchase it. The essential oils align the energy of the crystal with a special and sacred intention. When you purchase this crystal, please indicate your anointing choice. You can also select no anointing. Here are the choices available:

Clary Sage - Clarity of Mind
Sandalwood - Realize Unity
Lemongrass - Purification
Cypress - Transcendent Acceptance

Hemp Bag & Salts

Included in every order are beautiful drawstring hemp medicine bags for your crystal, a sample glass jar of our Indigo Lotus Salts, and cards with the specific properties of each crystal. The medicine bag is to help you to have a sacred place to keep your crystals. The salt is to help you purify your own body and to facilitate healing.

About Our Crystals
Our crystals are high vibrational crystals sourced with love and hand-picked for the healing arts practitioner. Each crystal is of the highest gemstone quality, specifically, we only source crystals of the highest clarity, rarity, freedom of defects with great attention to valuable healing properties and beauty of the stone. 

All crystals are kept in a highly vibrating space in Dartmouth, Massachusetts a small coastal town in southern New England. All of our crystals are continuously cleared; we work with them so that they are at their highest vibration when you receive them. Our lives are dedicated to bringing an awareness of crystal healing to the planet. Every crystal that we ship to you is a part of our fulfillment of this mission. 

Our shipping process is sacred. High vibrational frequencies surround our shipping area, and we invoke the highest love and light to facilitate the anointing. Each crystal is anointed individually, charged with light and wrapped with love before it begins it’s journey to you.

We have shipped hundreds of crystals since 2011. We have never had a request to return a crystal once it was shipped. Every crystal that we have is even more beautiful in person than we can capture in a photograph. However, if for any reason you are not in love with your crystals, you can return them for free.

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Raw Green Calcite Warrior for Detoxifying and Soothing the Physical, Mental & Emotional Bodies